Ocean related events, past and pending, in our region.  (We welcome additions)

Coming events  (2018)

2018 Workshop Announcement - The 12th BoFEP Bay of Fundy Science Workshop - May 2018

                                                                       -  2016 Proceedings BoFEB 

Coming events  (2014)

November 20-21 Sustaining the Saint Croix Watershed: Research, Partnership and Action

Who is doing scientific research on the St. Croix? What are the challenges and opportunities facing current and future researchers? What information is missing that would help inform management decisions? And how do we better communicate research and information with residents of the watershed?

Join the discussions at this two day workshop on November 20 and 21 at the Huntsman Fundy Discovery AquariumAccommodation availableFor event details and registration click here.

June 15-17  Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership 10th Science Workshop. Halifax, NS.                                      Concurrent with CZC conference; 
                    the theme is Linking Science, Communication, Policy and Community Action.

June 16-19  Coastal Zone Canada conference.  Halifax, NS. 
                    The theme is Our Coasts: Legacies & Futures. 

Past events (2014)

June 1 -8   Bay of Fundy Seafood Week.  St. Andrews, NB.


               Includes Aquaculture Association of Canada 30th year meetingLobster & Salmon Academy;                Seafood Forum and Seafood Festival

June 8    World Oceans Day.  Regional activities TBA.

Past events (2013)


June 6-16.  Bay of Fundy Seafood Week. St. Andrews, NB

June 8.  World Oceans Day, Atlantic Canada events.

Sept 16.  Stand up for Science cross-Canada rallies.  SOS hosts southwest New Brunswick event.

Nov. 12.  Parks Canada national recognition of St. Andrews Biological Station:                                


Past events (2012)


July 18.  Save Ocean Science information session, St. Andrews, NB.  Speaker presentations at      

July 25.  Save Ocean Science rally.  St. Andrews, NB.  Forms a human SOS with 600 supporters