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Media Release - Thursday May 09, 2013 - Dear Mr. Williamson

posted May 10, 2013, 8:32 AM by SOS SaveOceanScience
Dear Mr. Williamson,
 It is nothing short of appalling that you would write a letter to the TELEGRAPH JOURNAL calling Save Ocean Science chairwoman Caroline Davies's statements false.  I was one of the two other constituents what you referred to.  We did indeed meet with you in the St. Stephen office on the 22nd of August.  We DID NOT present you with a proposal.  We did present you with a Business Case For St. Andrews Biological Station Library which we left with you.  We discussed only the SABS Library not budget changes at the St. Andrews Biological Station. To refresh your memory the points in the business case were:  Background, Impact of Closure of SABS Library on the Scientific Base Of The Local Economy, Cost of Maintaining the Library, Cost of Moving the Library to Nova Scotia, Conclusion.  In addition we presented to you a cost analysis of moving the library operations and a business case evaluation. 
   At that time you said that you would support keeping the library holdings here but  there was no money for staffing.  We asked if you could set up a meeting with Minister Ashfield for us.  You stated quite clearly that you would support our efforts to maintain the library but urged us not to play the "political" game.  The last we heard from you was in October to say that SOS should set up the meeting with the minister independently. 
   You called Ms Davies statement  that you responded to the "committees' proposal without having heard it" false.   Save Ocean Science had not even written any proposal when we met with you in August.  Clearly we spent more time preparing a business case and the proposal than you spent reading it.  Ms Davies statement is true.  Yours is false.
   In March we did send Minister Ashfield a proposal and requested once again a few minutes of his time to meet with him.  You were copied.  Again there was no reply.  You and your government could write the book on stonewalling and arrogance.
 Save Ocean Science is frustrated at your lack of interest in the area of New Brunswick that you were elected to represent.  As I understand it the role of a member of parliament is to represent the constituents interests and concerns to the government, not the ideology of the government to the constituents!  We are disappointed in you and furious in your accusations that Ms Davies made things up when in fact she spoke the truth. 
   Had you taken time to read the business case that we discussed with you and more recently the proposal, you would not perhaps have made the false statements that YOU made while accusing Ms Davies of making things up.
   You clearly owe Ms Davies an apology.
    Nancy Aiken
    Save Ocean Science Committee Member