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St. Andrews library is irreplaceable

posted May 5, 2013, 12:48 PM by SOS SaveOceanScience

Telegraph Journal May 04, 2013 – Letters to the Editor


      I find it interesting that the minister of Fisheries and Oceans has not told the Save Ocean Science committee that the decision to close the library in St Andrews is final. I find it even more interesting that the minister's staff and the MP for Southwest New Brunswick can respond to our committee's proposal without having heard it.

     I am not sure what liability issues that John Williamson is referring to; if he is assuming that a consultant or contract worker would provide services to the library, the same liability issues would apply as for anyone providing services to the federal government, or working in partnership with the government - and this has not dissuaded the government from contracting out work, or looking to bring in volunteers.

    The decision to close the library at the St Andrews Biological Station is ill-thought out, will not save money and neglects that gray materials (materials not commercially published and the backbone of scientific research) will not be available to researchers.

    The minister of Fisheries and Oceans has abdicated his, responsibility to the Canadian taxpayers by refusing to meet with SOS and explore alternate strategies, despite repeated requests to do so.

Shame on you, Minister Ashfield, for believing that the genuine concerns of New Brunswick­ers can be delegated to a "senior official" and shame on John Williamson,who continues to be dismissive of the concerns raised by SOS and to portray our efforts as not worth looking into.

     After all, the people on the SOS Committee are only his constituents.


Save Ocean Science