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St. Croix Courier Dec. 28, 2012

posted Jan 4, 2013, 11:58 AM by SOS SaveOceanScience   [ updated Jan 4, 2013, 12:02 PM ]
   Winners, losers from the year near done
Editorial by Vern Faulkner
    SOS, winner: The Save Ocean Science movement, which emerged in wake of federal cuts to environmental science, is the Charlotte County tip of a federal iceberg. Across the country, there have been cries the federal government intentionally gutting environmental protections, and turning away from the research of human impact on the environment. The reality less malign then some portray (remember, the Jean Chretien Liberals did same clear-cutting of federal jobs not that long ago) but for the moment, the formation of SOS, along with the open support of the group by some typically Conservative-leaning Saint Andrews residents are becoming critically engaged in federal issues. While fascinating, politically it is important for one reason: any event that engages the-rank-file public in national affairs has to be good. Watch, then, what happens to this group in 2013.

Vern Faulkner is the editor in chief of the Courier/Courier Weekend e-mail