What We Do

       Support Ocean Science (SOS) arose from scientific, municipal, environmental, educational and industry interests in southwest New Brunswick.  We maintain this broad focus as we look to the future ocean science needs of our region and Canada.

 Our Vision

               We seek to engage all interests, public and private, in achieving:

“A healthy southwest New Brunswick marine environment that supports long-term socio-economic prosperity and marine traditions.”


Our Mission

            Aware that the federal government will not reverse its closure of marine contaminants research and library facilities at the St. Andrews Biological Station, SOS has a new, forward-looking mission to:

·      Create public and government engagement and awareness of the importance of science and evidence-based decision making, and

·      Encourage scientific investigation and advancement of basic and applied science towards sustainability of southwest New Brunswick marine-based traditional fisheries and aquaculture and coastal industries, while protecting the marine environment.


Our Actions

 We are pursuing five objectives:   

 1.  Draw public attention to the importance of government-led science in maintaining the region’s healthy marine environment, sustainable development and conservation of the coastal zone, and long-term resource-based economy.

  • Hosting public information events
  • Delivering conference presentations
  • Answering media requests for regional background and science contacts
  • Advocating for continued strong federal science programs, without further cuts


 2.  Pursue federal fulfillment of commitments to expand digital science library services. 

  • Exploring how effectively the electronic library service, WAVES, is  meeting researcher’s needs
  • Querying Ottawa on its timetable and budget for digitizing the print-only documents that are no longer in regional fisheries libraries, to make these available electronically.


 3.  Supply web and other access to ocean science related stories

  • Posting regular information updates to the SOS website in Hot News and other sections.
  • Working with local TV, radio and print media to produce feature series and special interest stories on organizations in the southwest New Brunswick Marine Hub.
  • Planning exhibits and displays to highlight the importance and practical applications of ocean science


4.  Encourage and support science initiatives by organizations in southwest New Brunswick’s                     ‘Marine Hub’

  • Exploring opportunities to expand networking and collaboration among southwest New Brunswick’s marine-based interests.   


 5.  Support public awareness that Canadian policy development and regulatory decision-making must be based on sound science.

  • Highlighting prime examples of the contributions of scientific research to federal decision-making. 


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